Chamber Works

Veiled Bamboo…Silent Water – Boundless – for ‘Rarescale’ quatertone alto flute and contrabass clarinet and live electronics to be released on CD in autumn 2022.

Wreathed in clover – commissioned by the Percussion Ensemble of Wanda Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University which commemorates the experiences of the ‘Harlem Hellfighters’ a highly-decorated African-American infantry unit that spent more time in combat than any other US unit.  It’s marching band, led by James Reece Europe, introduced the continent of Europe to jazz.

Dérive – a piece for two pianos after the piece by Boulez (Dérive iib) 2015.

Driven Voids – a work for voice, harp, violin and live electronics setting texts by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Steven Holl and Professor Johnny Rodger on the importance of time and place in architecture.  It was specially commissioned by Prof. Rodger of Glasgow School of Art to sonify the new Reid Building designed by Steven Holl.  The performance formed a key part of the GSA’s Leverhulme International Network of Contemporary Studies Symposium in September 2015.

Timeless Shades of Green – commissioned by SCAW for bass clarinet and piano, released on their most recent CD on Cuillin Sound April 2013.  Subsequently performed on numerous occasions internationally.

So Long – commissioned for the Barbirolli Quartet, premiered by them in March 2012.

Magnolia Spring Unfurls – solo baritone saxophone and live electronics (c35’ duration) for the Italian saxophonist Marco Visconti-Prasca who commissioned the work.  Premiered in Modena in 2011. 

Resonant Shoreline – for solo piano and live electronics (c33’ duration) for the Brazilian/Canadian pianist Luciane Cardassi.  Supported by Creative Scotland; The Banff Centre Canada; The University of Salford.  It received performances in Canada (Banff Centre; University of Calgary ‘Discovery Series’) and the UK in Plymouth (Peninsula Arts Festival) and Manchester. 

Celestial Fanfares Fragmented for Horn Trio, commissioned for PRISMA the international Algorithmic Composition Conference joint hosted by the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival and the University of Plymouth, it will receive its performance on 26th February 2010.

Glory Streams for Piano and String Quartet; commissioned by the Edinburgh Quartet and featured the pianist Lauryna Sableviciute received its premiere performance at Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh 13th December 2009.

Incantations: I breathe my eternal rock for 2 bass flutes and cello, commissioned by the Sound Festival, Aberdeen.  Featuring Richard Craig and Roberto Fabbriciani (Flutes) and Rohan de Saram (Cello).  The premiere took place in the SOUND Festival in Banchory, Scotland 15th November 2009

Solar for 2 Marimbas and Interactive Electronics, commissioned by the Brake Drum Percussion Ensemble, Treviso Italy.  The Premiere Performance took place October 5th 2009 – ‘Tra Galileo e il Futurismo’ – Padova (ITALY).

Mercy Litanies (Solo Bass Clarinet) commissioned by Tara Boumann, premiered 24th November 2008 Trento, Italy (dur. 14’).

In Search of Peace (Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Percussion and Piano) received its premiere 28th September 2008 in Edinburgh by members of The Research Ensemble (dur. 7’).

In Flight (Solo Violin) received its premiere performance featuring Andrea Gajic, Edinburgh March 2008 (dur. 8’).

Beyond Your Valley (Solo Guitar) for Peter Argondizza, commissioned by him with assistance from the Scottish Arts Council.  Performed Edinburgh May 2007 (dur. 12’).

Ramuneles Fragmentai (Solo Piano) for Lauryna Sableviciute.  Performed at University of Glasgow April 2007; University of Edinburgh October 2007; Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama October 2007; Lithuanian Academy of Music, Vilnius October 2007 (dur. 6’).

Tower of Infinity (Solo Flute and Live Electronics) commissioned by the flautist Richard Craig, with assistance from the Scottish Arts Council, who gave its premiere Edinburgh May 2006 (dur. 12’) and many performances internationally since

eleventeenth dream (4 Bass Clarinets) was given its premiere at the University of Rotterdam, Holland by the Scottish Clarinet Quartet (who commissioned the work, with assistance from The Scottish Arts Council) in October 2005 (dur. 10’). beneath garlands (Cello and Piano) was performed by Giedre Dirvanauskaite and Lauryna Sableviciute in Vilnius, Lithuania, as part of the Sugrizimai Festival  May 2005 (dur. 10’).  

(this has already) Passed/Passing (Solo Bass Flute) appears on Roberto Fabbriciani’s CD XX Live Dream Flute on the Atopos label (ATP 003/4 see released in 2005 (dur. 15’).

mist and branches against a white sky (Solo Piccolo) were premiered by Roberto Fabbriciani as part of the Finestre sul Novecento festival in Treviso, Italy October 2004 (dur. 8’).

…staring through empty fields of time (Solo Trumpet and Live Electronics) Mitre Music ( (1999, dur. 8’).

…against the grain (Solo Percussion and Live Electronics) G. Ricordi & Co. Munich Cat. No. Sy 3369. (1998, dur. 12’).

Thaw (Brass Quintet), was given its world premiere by the Mike Bennett Quintet (who commissioned the work with assistance from the Scottish Arts Council) June 1997 (dur. 12’).

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