Electronic Works

Territorial Driftings from the Brow – a soundscape work realised for an Armistice100 event that I curated in collaboration with colleagues at the Museum of Liverpool November 2018.

Lancelot’s Love Eternal – a live electronic soundscape work derived from location sounds collected at Martin Mere.  Composed specifically for the Martini Elettrico festival, held at the Conservatorio di Bologna in April 2018.

Getting in your own way – a soundscape work in collaboration with the dance and spoken word artists Julia Griffin and Scott Thurston, received its premiere 23rd February.

Rains of Steel – a soundscape work, composed in commemoration of the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele – in memoriam to all those that endured the inhumanity of the mechanised slaughter that took place in those fields in Flanders, irrespective of nationality. It was first performed on November 10th 2017 at Edge Hill University

Stuck – a collaborative soundscape work with the dance artist Julia Griffin.  The work is centred upon memory and identity and living with Dementia – what more fundamental ‘sound mark’ for any of us is there other than that emanating from our body and its breathing.  It was first performed at Edge Hill University in June 2017.  There are a number of national performances planned for 2018.

Thrones – an audience interactive sound-art work, premiered as part of the Intetain Conference at Columbia College Chicago, USA July 2014

Well Yeah – a fixed-medium sound-art work premiered simultaneously by way of a LOLA streaming system at MCUK Salford and Columbia College Chicago February 2014

Echoes of Friedrich Crossing the Irwell – a soundscape work which formed part of an installation at Carnegie Mellon University from October through December 2013

Stations of the Clyde – a sound installation to accompany an exhibition re-visiting Douglas Gordon’s work, in collaboration with the Glasgow School of Art, The Drouth and the New Glasgow Society Gallery – April and May 2013.

Ice – electroacoustic work. Received several Italian performances with Tempo Reale in their touring festival in 2011: Modena, Florence and Sicily. 

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